DTN Ag News

Crop Tech Corner
In this week's Crop Tech Corner, genetic engineering techniques such as RNAi and CRISPR-Cas9 show their promise as new pest-fighting and plant breeding tools.
Dr. Dan Talks Agronomy
The quality hay market proves to be more challenging than DTN's agronomist might have expected.
Kentucky Farmers Still Waiting for Pay
Kentucky farmers who contracted to deliver canola last year to a small Georgia company are still waiting on payment after the company had problems with its 2015 canola crop that spilled over into the 2016 harvest.
Insurance Problems Remain
Shelving health-care insurance reform doesn't make the problems go away that face farmers and other small businesses dealing with annual increases in premiums for their workers or themselves.
Cash Market Moves
Spring wheat and durum acres are expected to shrink this year as farmers turn to other crops.
Merger Update
Both DuPont and Dow have agreed to a number of divestitures in order to satisfy the European Commission, the EU's regulatory body said Monday.
Todd's Take
Who are we kidding? It all comes down to weather.
Underground Movement - 17
Reduced tillage and cover crops help build fungal "pipelines" in and around crop roots.
Assessing ARC and PLC
Farm groups have their own ideas about how to change the commodity programs in the farm bill, but each group wants slightly different changes.