Ag Services

Agriculture is a challenging regional, national and international business.  Perdue AgriBusiness offers expertise to help farmer producers meet these challenges and maximize their farms’ potential.

Producer Risk Management

Perdue Ag Services can help with Producer Risk Management tools such as Selective Hedge®, a unique risk management program that gives you an updated snapshot of your risk management and financial picture on a daily basis.  For more information, visit our Producer Risk Management page or contact Brady Hansen at / (443)359.7865.  In addition, our North America Grain unit offers a wide variety of grain marketing programs.  

Specialty Crops 

Ag Services can help with crop diversity through its specialty crops programs.  Working with Technology Crops International, we provide seed and agronomy support to plant and harvest High Erucic Rapeseed (HEAR), a specialty rapeseed valued as a key ingredient for plastics, personal care products and pharmaceuticals.  For more information on this and more, visit our Specialty Products page.   

Farm Inputs

Perdue Ag Services is proud to be DuPont Pioneer’s full-time representative for Pioneer® brand products in the Delaware area.  In conjunction with DuPont Pioneer, we have established a new, multi-outlet seed sales agency that will help farmers optimize production.  For more information, visit our Farm Inputs page or call 302.855.5696.

Renewable Fuels

Perdue AgriBusiness sees biofuels as an opportunity to strengthen demand for U.S. crops and expand markets for farmers. Ag Services offers a wide variety of services to renewable energy companies. Our North America Grain unit provides grain originating expertise and an exceptional grain storage network. Our Feed Ingredient Merchandising unit provides distillers grains marketing and logistics/technical knowledge.  For more information about our feedstock procurement and co-product marketing service agreements, contact us at To learn more about our services in this field, visit our Renewable Fuels page.

Whether you are a farmer or an agribusiness, contact our Ag Services team for help with risk management, specialty crops, farm inputs, and renewable fuels service agreements.