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Perdue AgriBusiness owns and operates blending plants at Ansonville, NC and Seaford, DE. Associates follow strict procedures to assure quality products and services. Blend formulas are reviewed for accuracy, first by the Technical Services Manager, then again by two supervisors at the blending plant before they are released for batching. Each blending plant follows its specific standard operating procedures to prevent comingling/contamination of incoming ingredients to control the batching process of blends, and to ensure the correct products are loaded onto clean trucks.

A sample of each arriving ingredient is obtained and submitted for analysis, the results of which are utilized in maintaining an up-to-date ingredient nutrient matrix to assure the most accurate blend formulations possible. A sample from each load of blended product is taken and retained. Each week, a sample of each product from each plant is sent to an outside lab for analysis of key nutrient parameters. Amino acid profiles are performed on random samples by the University of Missouri Experimental Station. Results are available monthly to our customers through our sales group.

Perdue AgriBusiness is committed to providing unparalleled quality products and services to our customers. We want to remain the supplier of choice among major producers in the industry.


Customer Service

Customer Service

We know that you depend on us for solutions that help you succeed. Perdue AgriBusiness strives to deliver quality products and services to you on time, every time.


  • Our value-added products perform to specification.
  • We provide product customization to meet individual needs.
  • Our Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program is an integral part of our Company's culture.


  • Real people take your sales orders and keep you informed.
  • We offer knowledgeable technical services.
  • We are flexible, adapting to your needs when market conditions change.

Our experienced sales and operations team will work with you to understand, and meet, your feed ingredient and formulation needs and discuss value-added opportunities. Our primary goal is your continued success.


Quality Assurance Team

Quality Assurance Team

  • Technical Services Manager dedicated exclusively to overseeing the quality assurance function, blend development, and regulatory compliance.
  • Formulation Assistant dedicated to weekly formulations, ingredient management, and overseeing plant compliance with standard operating procedures.
  • Quality Control Technician designated at each blending plant to oversee ingredient receiving, batching, load-out, and sampling.
  • Perdue AgriBusiness retains the services of an independent nutritional consultant to assist with statistical evaluations of ingredient parameters and special projects.


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