Farm Inputs

Perdue AgriBusiness offers several programs for your corn, soybeans, wheat, barley and milo.

Pioneer Seed Sales

Perdue AgriBusiness is proud to be DuPont Pioneer’s full-time representative for Pioneer® brand products in the Delaware area.  In conjunction with DuPont Pioneer, Perdue AgriBusiness has established a new, multi-outlet seed sales agency that will help farmers optimize production.

We provide local farmer producers with agronomic support as well as promote and distribute Pioneer branded products such as corn, soybeans, wheat, inoculants and alfalfa products.

Our 8,400 sq. ft. seed-processing, storage and distribution center is located at the site of Perdue’s existing grain facility in Bridgeville, DE.

Pioneer has a long history of providing products and services to increase farmer efficiencies and profits.  In partnership with Pioneer, Perdue AgriBusiness will provide farmers with seed sales and service.  Contact us for your Pioneer seed and service in Delaware.