Grain Marketing Programs & Policies

Perdue AgriBusiness offers several marketing programs for your corn, soybeans, wheat, barley and milo.

Spot/Cash Price
  • Daily posted price for that day’s delivery.

Flat Price Contract
  • Fixed price for a deferred delivery.

No Price Established (NPE)
  • Available for corn, beans and wheat any time of the year. 
  • Fixed charges determined prior to contract.

Minimum Price Contract
  • Guarantees seller a minimum contract price with protection against falling prices while allowing seller to take advantage of market increases.

Unpriced Basis Contract
  • Fixed basis with pricing available while Chicago Board is open and trading.

Hedge to Arrive
  • The Chicago Board price is established but basis is open. The basis is to be determined prior to first delivery. Charges apply.

Corn and Bean Seasonal Average
  • Average CBOT price for a specified time period for harvest or JFM delivery.
View our brochure for more detailed information on our grain marketing programs.