Oilseed Crush

Perdue Oilseed owns and operates three solvent extraction soybean crush plants on the Eastern Seaboard. These plants are located in Salisbury, MD, Cofield, NC, and Chesapeake, VA. All three plants produce high protein soybean meal, soybean oil, and hulls.

Our crush plants supply bulk truck soy meal and soy hulls to the chicken, pork, aquaculture, and cattle feed industries in the Mid-Atlantic region. We supply the crude degummed soybean oil to our oil refinery in Salisbury, MD for further processing and sales to the food industry. We also sell crude degummed soybean oil to the biodiesel industry and for export. Our deep-water port in Chesapeake, VA loads bulk vessels and containers of soybean products and grain bound for various global destinations in addition to supplying local truck demand.

Perdue Oilseed supports locally grown trait-enhanced identity preserved oilseed programs which enable us to produce value-added products for our customers. Perdue also operates a small extruder plant in Pantego, NC that produces value-added soybean meal and oil products.

Perdue Oilseed has been in the soybean crushing business since 1961, and has dedicated sales and transportation teams devoted to exceeding customer expectations in both quality and service. Please contact a member of the sales team to discuss your soy product needs.

Domestic Soy Product Specifications

Salisbury MD & Cofield NC Facilities

Hi-protein Soymeal
Factor Standard
Protein 47.5% Minimum
Fat .5% Minimum
Fiber 3.5% Maximum
Moisture 12.0% Maximum
Crude Degummed Soybean Oil
Factor Standard
Free Fatty Acids .75% Maximum
Unsaponifiable Matter
1.5% Maximum
Moisture and Volitile &  Insoluble Impurities .30% Maximum
Flash Point 250 F Minimum
Phosphorus .02% Maximum
Factor Standard
Protein 9.0% Minimum
.50% Minimum
Fiber 40.0% Maximum