Organic / Non-GMO

Hurlock Research Farm Perdue Organic Grain
Perdue AgriBusiness merchandises organic and non-GMO (non-genetically modified organism) grains and feed ingredients. We purchase grains and ingredients from certified USDA-NOP (National Organic Program) North American farmers and select international partners. Perdue AgriBusiness assures the quality and integrity of the organic and non-GMO products you purchase by delivering through an efficent and effective supply chain of state-of-the-art, third-party surveyors and laboratories, mandatory commercial truck washouts, and dedicated organic storage locations.

Maryland Demonstration Farm
We are working with a local Maryland Eastern Shore farmer to transition a plot of land to become certified organic under the USDA-NOP.  We are in our second year of transition at this demonstration plot.  Upon organic certification of the plot, producers will see and learn about the latest techniques in organic farming.  Existing organic producers will learn how to produce the most from their ground.  Conventional producers will learn organic practices and can consider transitioning some or all of their ground to certified organic.

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