Perdue AgriRecycle's microSTART60 line of organic fertilizers combines the benefits of organic products with ease-of-use and a consistent analysis.

Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), microSTART60 (3-2-3) delivers nutrients to crops and fields in slow-release formulations that improve soil aeration and water filtration and prevent leaching, run-off and soil erosion. Perdue AgriRecycle’s microSTART60 meets the requirements of the National Organic Program for organic crop production.

Poultry litter has long been recognized as a rich, natural source of nutrients and organic matter. Our proprietary process dries and pasteurizes poultry litter to create both pellets and granular fertilizer that can be used as a stand-alone organic fertilizer or to complement other products.

Perdue AgriRecycle's microSTART60 products are sold in bulk for commercial application to golf courses, sports fields, vegetables, field crops and nurseries. Our products are safe and easy to apply using conventional equipment.

microSTART60 is also a key ingredient in leading consumer brands of organic lawn-and-garden products.

Perdue AgriRecycle, LLC, the first-ever, large-scale litter-pelletizing operation, is located in Sussex County, Delaware, centered in one of the country's most-concentrated areas of poultry production.

While the close proximity of hundreds of poultry farms ensures a steady supply of raw material, the plant's location also demonstrates Perdue's commitment to the family farm and the environment. Perdue invested more than $13 million in Perdue AgriRecycle because many Delmarva poultry producers - especially those with smaller farms - needed an alternative to traditional land application of poultry litter. Perdue AgriRecycle provides that alternative, and helps to protect the waterways of the Chesapeake Bay and coastal inland bays.

Perdue AgriRecycle can process the equivalent of 400 poultry houses worth of litter each year. Perdue AgriRecycle also participates in litter relocation programs, further reducing excess nutrients on the Delmarva Peninsula.

Perdue AgriRecycle started operation in 2001, making Perdue Incorporated the first poultry company to implement a large-scale, environmentally sound alternative use for litter.

The Perdue AgriRecycle Process

The Perdue AgriRecycle process begins at the farm, where surplus poultry litter is loaded into specially designed, sealed trucks for transport to our 65,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. The trucks are unloaded inside the plant, where a negative-air system prevents dust and odor from escaping to the environment. (The same negative-air system is used in the finished product storage area.) Special filters and scrubbers ensure that the air leaving the plant is cleaner than the outside air.

Raw material is heated and pasteurized, removing moisture and destroying bacteria and weed seed. The dried material is then reduced to a powder before it is transferred to the pellet mill.

 Moisture captured in the drying step is re-used in the pelletizing process. The finished product, an OMRI-listed organic fertilizer, is then stored in an enclosed warehouse room.

 Product can be shipped by truck or rail or easily transferred to Perdue Incorporated's nearby barge dock or to the company's deep-water international port in Chesapeake, Virginia. Our plant can produce 80,000 tons of finished products per year.


Everything about our process, from our dedicated fleet of truck trailers to our fully-enclosed plant, was designed to maintain the highest possible levels of biosecurity.

  • We inspect each farm and take samples for analysis before agreeing to accept litter from any producer.
  • All litter is transported in our own fleet of specially designed, fully enclosed leak-proof trailers.
  • Trucks and equipment are cleaned, disinfected and inspected prior to going to another poultry farm.
  • Farm trucks are not received at the plant.
  • All litter is stored in the fully enclosed plant; no litter is stored outside. The state veterinary officer has the authority to cease all litter movements in the event of a poultry disease outbreak.
Bulk Sales

microSTART60 products are sold in bulk and shipped from our East Coast plant by tractor-trailer or railcar. We also have product available in one ton totes and several products available in 50 lb. bags.

microSTART60 (3-2-3) is available in the following forms:

  • Pellets
  • Granular 1 - 4 mm
  • Granular 1 - 3 mm
  • Prills
  • Fines

microSTART60 Plus with feather meal is available in the following forms:

  • 7-1-1 Prill Form
  • 9-0-0 Prill Form
Consumer Products


Perdue AgriRecycle's products are perfect for turf and horticultural industries. The agronomic benefits of the products include slow nutrient release from natural microbial breakdown, no foliar burn potential and trace nutrients for improved plant cell structure.

  • MicroStart60 3-2-3 Pellets 50# Bagged
  • MicroStart60 3-2-3 Prilled 50# Bagged

Golf Course and Parks & Recreation Sales

MicroSTART60 fits perfectly into golf course & parks and recreation fertilizer programs. MicroSTART60 fertilizers improve soil structure and water holding capacity over long-term use. These precision products also help prevent nutrient leaching and volatilization.
Perdue AgriRecycle’s products are pathogen free and perfectly safe for people and animals.

For more information on using microSTART60 products on golf courses & parks and recreation facilities, call 1-888-268-2988.

For Delmarva Poultry Producers
Perdue AgriRecycle provides clean-out services to Delmarva (Delaware, Maryland Eastern Shore and Virginia Eastern Shore) poultry producers who are looking for an alternative to land application. In exchange for their surplus litter, participating growers receive professional cleanouts and hauling - and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they've found an environmentally friendly use for their surplus litter.

Perdue AgriRecycle is also a registered poultry litter broker in Maryland and Delaware, so we also can move litter in excess of our production requirements farm-to-farm and state-to-state.

All Delmarva poultry producers are eligible to apply for the clean-out program, regardless of their poultry company affiliation.

Perdue AgriRecycle provides poultry producers:

  • The option of one-time total cleanouts or long-term contracts
  • Cleanout and load-out services and transportation from the farm to our facility
  • A receipt to document compliance with nutrient management plans
  • The confidence of a bio-secure program

Contact us for more information on poultry house clean outs or raw litter programs, or call 302-628-2360.