Perdue AgriRecycle's BetR™ family of soil amendments is produced through our innovative composting process that recycles processed green forestry materials and poultry manure.  Our specialized equipment and processes traps odors, retains heat and allows moisture to move in and out while microbial activity decomposes mixtures and reduces pathogens.  Our BetR™ family of soil amendment products helps you grow with confidence:
* Improves soil structure and porosity improving root growth.
* Increases infiltration and permeability of heavy clay soils.
* Supplies humus-like material.
* Reduces erosion and runoff of nutrients.
* Improves plant growth and performance in gardens, flower beds, turf, ornamentals and row crop agriculture.

BetR Compost™ soil conditioner is composed of composted, recycled poultry nutrients, processed green forestry materials and poultry manure.  It improves soil structure and quality, aerates soil and supplies beneficial microorganisms.

BetR Nursery Blend™ can be blended with other soil amendments in transplanting ornamentals, trees, shrubs and flower beds.  It replaces the need for peat moss or additional fertilizers.

BetR Mulch™ retains moisture and keeps weeds dormant in flower beds, gardens or around your favorite ornaments.  The 2" to 3" size dries to light tan resulting in a well-maintained landscape.

For Delmarva Poultry Producers
Perdue AgriRecycle provides clean-out services to Delmarva (Delaware, Maryland Eastern Shore and Virginia Eastern Shore) poultry producers who are looking for an alternative to land application. In exchange for their surplus litter, participating growers receive professional cleanouts and hauling - and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they've found an environmentally friendly use for their surplus litter.

Perdue AgriRecycle is also a registered poultry litter broker in Maryland and Delaware, so we also can move litter in excess of our production requirements farm-to-farm and state-to-state.

All Delmarva poultry producers are eligible to apply for the clean-out program, regardless of their poultry company affiliation.

Perdue AgriRecycle provides poultry producers:

  • The option of one-time total cleanouts or long-term contracts
  • Cleanout and load-out services and transportation from the farm to our facility
  • A receipt to document compliance with nutrient management plans
  • The confidence of a bio-secure program

Contact us for more information on poultry house clean outs or raw litter programs, or call 302-628-2360.