Revolutionizing dairy cow nutrition

Perdue AgriBusiness' Dairy Nutrition revolutionary ProvAAl®, ProvAAl2®, and LysAAmet® products offer consistent, highly concentrated, and balanced amino acid nutrition for dairy cows.

Dairy Nutrition products are unique supplements formulated specifically for the dairy feed industry to supply a consistent source of metabolizable protein and intestinally available lysine. Products within Dairy Nutrition product lines offer rumen protected methionine at a range of inclusion rates that afford the flexibility to have complete A.A. balanced diets from a single source protein supplement.

University testing suggests that utilizing Dairy Nutrition ruminant protein technology in a properly balanced diet can increase milk volume, produce milk with higher levels of milk fat and protein, boost profitability of milk production, all with a more nitrogen efficient and environmentally friendly ration. Field comparisons demonstrate ProvAAl®, ProvAAl2®, and LysAAmet® fed cows have an income advantage of nearly $2.00 per head per day over cows receiving a conventional diet.


LysAAmet® and ProvAAl2® products are amino acid supplements specifically designed to take full advantage of the recent advancements in ruminant nutrition. It is possible with NRC 2001 and CNCPS 6.1 biology to balance rations at 16% crude protein, or lower, without sacrificing milk yield or milk components. However, it is critical to utilize protein supplements that have concentrated, consistent, and balanced amino acid content for successful implementation of the low protein philosophy.

All Perdue AgriBusiness’ Dairy Nutrition products utilize our unique technology to ensure a concentrated and consistent supply of intestinally available amino acids. The product lineup varies in minimum levels of lysine and methionine which allows you to select the product that will result in a ration with amino acids balanced to optimize milk and milk component production.

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Crude Protein* RUP RUP DIG dRUP* dRUP Lysine* dRUP Methionine*
LYSAAMET® 94.2 94.2 94.3 83.6 8.3 5.4
80.1 90.5 90.7 65.7 5.8 0.7
81.1 91.3 81.7 60.5 4.5 0.6
PRO-TEAM 70® 74.8 76.9 68.7 39.5 2.0 0.4
PRO-TEAM 80® 86 77.3 75.9 50.4 3.3 0.5
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