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Science Based. Research Driven.®

Perdue AgriBusiness’ team of Animal Nutrition experts partners with nutritionists nationwide to provide value-added blended feed ingredients for dairy, swine, poultry, and more. Perdue Animal Nutrition’s amino acid, fatty acid, and digestive health products improve milk components, meat production, and feed efficiency. 

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Probiotics for a Healthier Flock

For over 100 years, the Perdue family and brand has been caring for backyard chickens. Now, we’re sharing over a century of expertise with backyard flocks and their families. 

Check out our full line of FlockLeader® probiotic water supplements for digestive support, Healthy Coop to help keep your flock’s living and nesting areas clean and dry, and our FlockLeader FUNctional treats to support your flock’s nutritional needs.

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