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Conventional Grain and Oilseeds for Feed, Food, and Biofuel

Whether you’re a farmer looking to contract acres or a customer who needs to purchase grain and oilseed products, Perdue AgriBusiness is a dependable, reliable partner. We’re on a mission to feed the world, and we can’t do it without you.

We offer fair and transparent pricing on both ends of the supply chain, as well as consistent contracting and product availability thanks to our 75 grain receiving facilities and 70 million bushels of storage. We are dedicated to originating and merchandising the grain you need, no matter the application.

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About Us

Looking to sell your grain or purchase grain and oilseed products for feed, food, or industrial applications? We can help. We’re proud to be a TOP 25 US Grain Company, and our team wants to make your job easier. Whether you’re selling to or buying from us, you can count on:

  • Highest-quality grain and oilseed products
  • Accessible, convenient delivery locations and timely, reliable deliveries
  • Competitive and transparent pricing
  • Contract and documentation accuracy
  • Commitment to meeting all regulatory and product safety requirements
  • A true partnership, built on trust and respect


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Demand for domestic organic corn just keeps increasing, for both feed and food applications. Perdue AgriBusiness offers dependable contracts and convenient delivery points.

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We contract, crush, and sell soybeans for use in feed, food, and industrial markets around the world. We work with growers all across the country, have a reliable network of transportation partners, and operate four oilseed crush facilities in the Mid-Atlantic.

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Two soybean pods with soybeans next to them on a white background.


Domestic wheat is in higher demand than ever before. Growers, take advantage of our “you grow it, we buy it,” approach today!

Buyers, reach out to source top-quality, US-grown wheat. 


A wheat stalk with some grains off the stalk on a white background.


Milo is a unique commodity and is often grown as an alternative to corn in a double-crop rotation. It’s more drought tolerant than corn or soybeans, requires less nitrogen than corn, and is a common ingredient used in animal feed. 


Four milo seeds on a white background.


Barley is used for many applications including food and feed. In food, it’s used for fiber. In feed, it’s typically included for protein and energy. 


A small pile of barely on a white background.