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Grow Organic Canola

More Profit Per Acre | Diversity in Crop Rotation | Healthier Soils | Cover Crop / Pollinator

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Interested in growing Organic Canola in partnership with Perdue AgriBusiness? 

You’ll earn more profit per acre, get diversity in crop rotation, and create healthier soil with this cover crop. 

On behalf of our customers, we take our organic certifications seriously. Organic canola growers must be certified and observing all organic growing practices. (We’ll handle all the paperwork once we get started.) Organic canola that we purchase has to be raised with Canadian equivalent organic practices, meaning without the use of Chilean nitrate or sodium nitrate. 

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A field of pre bloom canola crops.

When you work with Perdue AgriBusiness, you can count on:

Agronomic support:

Our team of experts can provide agronomic support every step of the way, from deciding if canola is the crop for you to planting all the way through harvest and delivery. 

Fair pricing and payment:

Canola prices are established at the beginning of each season. Contact our team to learn about current pricing. We offer payment via check and direct deposit. 

Long term partnership:

We offer multi-year contracts, continued agronomic support, and expertise as needed throughout the year. 

Will you partner with us?

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Reach out to us today to learn more about growing organic canola.