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One of the World’s Largest Suppliers of Organic Feed Ingredients

Our team contracts with certified organic growers to purchase grain and oilseeds to be used in feed, food, and retail products. Our unique expertise allows us to help growers optimize production and quality of organically grown crops.  

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About Us

The Perdue AgriBusiness Specialty Crops team can help manage the entire process, from seed to harvest. We can also help with the transition to certified organic products. We offer customized agronomic support, organic systems planning, government assistance sourcing, grain marketing, and crop portfolio management based on the requirement of the farmer. 

More specifically, our comprehensive services include:

  • Organic Systems Planning (OSP)
  • Nutrient management plans
  • Manure management plans
  • Conservation planning
  • Soil and tissue sampling
  • On call agronomic advice
  • Documentation simplification for Certifier’s and GAP
  • Assistance with USDA and PA Dept of Ag programs
  • Integrated Pest Management plans for weeds, pests, and disease
  • Field crop scouting
  • Enterprise record documentation
  • Crop marketing opportunities and contracts


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Demand for domestic organic corn just keeps increasing, for both feed and food applications. Perdue AgriBusiness offers dependable contracts, convenient delivery points, and support for growers from planting through harvest.

Our team would love to connect with you!

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Perdue AgriBusiness partners with a wide variety of seed companies to offer the best options for high oleic soybean contracting.

If you’re interested in growing an organic, high oleic crop on your farm, reach out today! We can help. 

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Wheat is, and always has been, a worldwide food staple. US-grown organic wheat is more highly sought-after now than ever before.

If you are a certified organic grower (or would like to be!) and are interested in Perdue AgriBusiness’ “you grow it, we buy it,” approach, reach out to us today.

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Organic canola is in high demand. Why not diversify your rotation with this beautiful, weed-resistant crop?

We’d love to partner with you. 

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High Oleic Sunflowers

Growing organic high oleic sunflowers is an excellent way to improve your farm’s profit potential while diversifying your rotation and improving soil quality. 

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