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A white bowl of palm oil on a palm frond with palm seeds on it as well on a burlap background.

Conventional Palm Oil

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Palm oil blends produced at Perdue AgriBusiness’ Salisbury Edible Oil Refinery are used in many food production operations across the country. When you purchase palm oil from Perdue AgriBusiness, the promise is the same: quality, service, and accuracy. We offer reliable and consistent supply, trustworthy sourcing, and pricing stability. 

Our fleet of dedicated tanker trucks and cost-effective bulk transportation allow our customers to enjoy worry-free logistics solutions and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their oil will get where it needs to go, on time. 

Plus, our commitment to innovation and willingness to create custom blends means better pricing and label flexibility for our customers. 

Does your company or product need palm oil or a palm oil blend? Reach out to us today. 

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Perdue is committed to sustainable sourcing. Read our full policy below.

Sustainable Sourcing Policy


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