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Alternative Ingredients for Lower Feed Costs

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About Us

Feed Ingredient Merchandising offers alternative ingredients to reduce the cost of an animal feed formula. We focus on replacing higher-priced unit of protein and lowering costs of available energy by sourcing alternative ingredients to poultry, swine, cattle, and dairy industries as well as maintaining high standards of feed quality. We partner with traders, brokers, nutritionists, plant managers, and purchasing managers.

We offer dependable delivery, a reliable supply, and the highest quality feed to our partners.   

We’d love to help you source the following ingredients for your feed:

  • Side view of a green combine harvester reaping crops in a field.


    Soybean meal

    Soybean hulls

    Soybean pellet hulls

    Canola meal



    Peanut meal

    Wheat midds

    Grain screenings

    Corn germ meal

    Corn gluten feed

    Corn gluten feed pellets

    Corn gluten meal


    Peanut meal

    Hi-Pro DDGS

    Sunflower meal

    Soybean oil

    Corn oil

    Palm oil

  • Close up of a soybean field at sunrise.


    Expeller soybean oil

    Canola meal

    Sunflower meal 

    High oleic sunflower meal 

    High oleic sunflower hulls

  • A tractor driving across a green field.

    Specialty and Non-GMO

    Non-GMO soybean meal

    Non-GMO soybean hulls

Perdue Oils truck in an industrial setting.

When you work with Perdue AgriBusiness, you can count on:

  • High quality feed
  • Reliable supply
  • Dependable delivery
  • Consistent ingredient availability 
  • Affordable and fair prices
  • Trustworthiness and integrity


Whether you’re a nutritionist, plant manager, purchasing manager, or trader, you can trust our ingredients and our people.

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