Perdue Grain

Among the nation’s largest grain companies, Perdue AgriBusiness buys grain from local farmers and dealers for feed manufacturing, further processing, and domestic and international merchandising.

We operate grain storage in excess of 75 million bushels at 75 locations from New York state to Florida, and as far west as Indiana. Each year, we handle more than 300 million bushels of corn, soybeans, wheat, barley and milo.

We purchase grain from more than 5,500 farmers and dealers from the Eastern Midwest throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We realize that the best way to maintain a steady supply of local grains for our customers is by supporting the farmers in our communities. That’s why Perdue AgriBusiness has a long-standing “you grow it and we’ll buy it” philosophy that ensures farmers a competitive, local market for their grains.

To transport the grain, we operate a dedicated fleet of more than 1,500 railcars and work with more than 475 independent trucking companies and five barge companies to assure efficient, timely deliveries.

Perdue AgriBusiness manages a fleet of 14 barges serving our nine marine facilities in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Access to global markets

Perdue AgriBusiness is certified by the USDA as a direct exporter of agricultural commodities. We ship grain around the globe from the only deep-water grain terminal located on the Atlantic Coast (Norfolk, VA), exporting more than 16,000 containers (TEUs) and loading 120 vessels annually.

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